About us

Wikimedia UK is the national chapter for the global Wikimedia movement and enables people and organisations to contribute to a shared understanding of the world through the creation of open knowledge. A registered charity, we work with the Wikimedia Projects such as Wikipedia to create a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. We believe that here in the UK, we can play a unique and important role in realising that vision.

The charity is led by a volunteer board of trustees who are elected by our members. The trustees set the overall strategic direction of the charity which is implemented by the staff team, led by our Chief Executive. There are currently nine members of staff working in our London office and a programme manager in Wales.

Volunteer ethos

At the heart of everything the charity does is a large community of volunteers who offer their time and skills in a variety of ways. They edit the Wikimedia projects, run events, offer training and develop programmes of activity.

Getting involved is easy, even if you’ve never edited Wikipedia.

Take a look at our volunteer page for some ideas and suggestions, or drop a line to volunteering@wikimedia.org.uk


We encourage anyone with an interest in open knowledge and Wikimedia to become a member of Wikimedia UK, for just £5 a year. Members are able to vote at our AGM, elect members of our board of trustees, stand as a trustee themselves, apply for grant funding from Wikimedia UK and borrow equipment. Please join here.


Support from our donors is what makes our exciting work possible. Our activities are varied but include working with the higher education sector to embed open knowledge, making hidden public archives accessible for the first time, training new Wikipedia editors, and advocating for positive changes to copyright law. As a global movement Wikimedia is committed to keeping the Wikipedia and the sister projects free of advertising revenue, and the UK Chapter receives no public (statutory) funding.

As a registered charity all donations from UK taxpayers are eligible for gift aid which can add a further 25% to the value of your gift – and even reduce the cost to you by 25% as a tax-saving measure if you’re a higher-rate taxpayer.

Help us deliver our mission by donating now.

Join our wiki

This website is designed to give you a small taste of the work that Wikimedia UK does. You can find out more by visiting our wiki here  – and of course, you’re more than welcome to edit and get involved, too!