About us

Wikimedia UK is the registered charity that supports and promotes Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects, and the volunteers who write, edit and curate the content of the projects. We are the local chapter of the global Wikimedia movement.

Our mission is to help people and organisations create and preserve open knowledge and to provide easy access for all. We support the widest possible public access to, use of and contribution to open content of an encyclopaedic or educational nature.

The charity is led by a volunteer board of trustees who are elected by our members. The trustees set the overall strategic direction of the charity which is implemented by the staff team, led by our chief executive.

Volunteer ethos

At the heart of everything the charity does is a large community of volunteers who offer their time and skills in a variety of ways. They edit the Wikimedia projects, run events, offer training and develop programmes of activity.

Getting involved is easy, even if you’ve never edited Wikipedia.

Take a look at our volunteer page for some ideas and suggestions, or drop a line to volunteering@wikimedia.org.uk


Many of our volunteers are company members of the charity, too. Members are able to vote at our AGM, elect members of our board of trustees, stand as a trustee themselves. You will also need to be a member if you want to apply for a Wikimedia UK grant. Membership is just £5 and you can join here


Support from our donors is what makes our exciting work possible – from making hidden public archives accessible for the first time, to working with institutions and the public to get them contributing to Wikipedia!

We are proud of our mission; to build and preserve open knowledge, to share and use freely, funded entirely by donated income. As a registered charity all donations from UK taxpayers are eligible for gift aid which can add a further 25% to the value of your gift and even reduce the cost to you by another 25% as a tax-saving if you’re a higher-rate taxpayer.

Help us deliver our mission faster and bigger by donating now.

Join our wiki

This website is designed to give you a small taste of the work that Wikimedia UK does. You can find out more by visiting our wiki here  – and of course, you’re more than welcome to edit and get involved, too!