Frequently Asked Questions


What is the project?We are running a range of events to help heritage organisations share their knowledge online. These include webinars to showcase what Wiki-based platforms and digital skills can offer heritage organisations, running workshops on Wiki skills, and collaborating with organisations to share information through the Wiki projects.

In the first stage of the project, we will be reaching out to a wide range of people from cultural and heritage organisations. In the next stage, we will be partnering with some to deliver bespoke training, advice and advocacy around Wikimedia projects.
How much will it cost?All sessions are free to attend.

The work is funded by a grant from the National Lottery Heritage funded Digital Skills for Heritage Initiative which covers the costs of sessions and further partnership work.

You simply contribute time, enthusiasm and knowledge.
Do I need prior experience editing Wikipedia?No prior Wiki experience is required.

The webinar sessions illustrate how Wikimedia (the collective name for Wiki projects such as Wikipedia and Wikidata) can help your organisation engage with open knowledge, address skills gaps and share content over Wiki platforms.

The wikithons further this by providing basic training in Wiki editing.
Who is it for?Heritage organisations of all sizes are welcome to attend our events, including staff and volunteers. The ‘Connected Heritage’ project will deliver digital skills training to organisations across England and Wales.
How can I find out more?Your first step might be to attend one of our webinars. We’ll tell you more about the project and about partnership, give examples of what types of work others are doing and talk about the digital skills that are learned when your community edits Wikimedia projects.

Our webinars cover open knowledge, the digital skills gap, digital preservation and how Wikimedia UK is addressing those issues through this project. Participants gain access to resources and materials to take back to their organisations, and the opportunity to follow up with the project and engage in partnership.

Webinars are scheduled to run every other month until October 2022. They are about an hour long, including time for questions from the audience. You need only attend one webinar: sessions are free, open and no prior Wiki experience is required. 

You can also join our wikithons to see how workshops might be suitable for your organisation, or arrange a conversation with the team.

We hope to see you there!
How does my heritage organisation become a partner?Have a conversation with us!
We want to learn about your organisation and how it wants to share information. You can book an appointment where we’ll discuss how the Connected Heritage project can help share your knowledge.
What organisations have partnered with you already?Several organisations have partnered with Connected Heritage already including the Workers Education Association, The Mixed Museum, The Almeley Quakers, and Rotherwas Together. Read more about our partnerships here.