Trust and safety

Wikimedia UK believes that all interactions with the Wikimedia projects should be free of harassment, abuse, discrimination and other forms of unwelcome behaviour. Unfortunately we know this is not always the case. In 2021 the Wikimedia Foundation approved a new Universal Code of Conduct, drafted with the help of Wikimedia contributors from all over the world. Wikimedia UK supports the code’s universal baseline of acceptable behaviour for the entire movement without tolerance for harassment.

Although we are just one chapter of the wider Wikimedia movement, Wikimedia UK hopes to set a standard for inclusive, welcoming, safe and harassment-free editing. If you would like to report an issue or incident where you believe that someone has breached the Code of Conduct (or Wikimedia UK’s specific policies) , please get in touch with us by emailing

Universal code of conduct

The Universal Code of Conduct aims to provide a universal baseline of acceptable behaviour for the entire Wikimedia movement and all its projects. Between 2018 and 2020, the Wikimedia 2030 strategy process invited volunteers to look at how to best guide the Wikimedia movement towards the future. Through working groups, online discussions, and in-person events around the world, 10 recommendations and principles were published in May 2020. One of these recommendations was to “Provide for Safety and Inclusion”, which the new Code of Conduct aims to do.

Wikimedia UK’s safe space policy

The purpose of the Safe Space Policy is to ensure that all events and programmes delivered by Wikimedia UK are free of harassment, abuse, discrimination and other forms of unwelcome behaviour, and to facilitate inclusion. It applies to all events, programmes and online activities where Wikimedia UK has the authority and means to implement the terms of the policy. Read more about the key principles of our events and activities, what we expect from our trainers and event attendees, and the steps we implement to ensure safe spaces.

Staff and Trustees

All staff and trustees of Wikimedia UK are expected to advocate for and help to facilitate inclusive environments, in line with our organisational values. Following their appointment, Wikimedia UK’s board members are required to sign our Trustee Code of Conduct, which sets a high standard for expected behaviours both in person and online. Staff members are bound by their terms and conditions of employment, which includes adherence to a range of policies including our Bullying and Harassment and Safe Space Policies.


All volunteers undertaking activities on behalf of Wikimedia UK must agree to follow our Volunteering Policy, which embeds adherence to the Chapter’s other policies including (but not limited to) our Diversity and Equalities, Safeguarding and Safe Space Policies.


If you have witnessed or experienced poor behaviour at or during a Wikimedia UK event or activity, please get in touch by emailing outlining your concerns. Emails sent to this address go directly to (and only to) Wikimedia UK’s Chief Executive, Lucy Crompton-Reid. Any communication to this address will be treated as strictly confidential unless and until you agree that it can be communicated to other parties. Lucy will endeavour to respond to any emails sent to this address within three working days. 


The Wikimedia projects are written, edited and curated by volunteers who are just like you. There are many ways to get involved – there are activities to suit the interests of everybody.

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Women of Turkish origin and John Lubbock at the BBC 100 Women Wikipedia editathon