Wikimedians in Residence

Wikimedians in Residence in Scotland

Scotland’s Wikimedians in Residence have held positions at various organisations including the National Library of Scotland, Museums Galleries Scotland and the Devil’s Porridge Museum. Each Residency is unique, but bound by a common thread: to work as a bridge between the institution and the Wikimedia community. Residents can provide training to staff, students, volunteers and the public; help to change policy; advocate for the adoption of open practices, and help to bring a global audience to the work of an institution.  

If you’re interested in hosting a Wikimedian in Residence, Wikimedia UK can help to shape your project, including giving advice on finding funding, the right candidate, and role descriptions. We recommend that you take a look at our report on the impact that a Resident can have.  If you have any questions, please do get in contact: 

Old College Quad, University of Edinburgh, by Theoden sA CC BY-SA 3.0

The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh was the first university in the UK to employ a university-wide Wikimedian in Residence. The Wikimedian works with course teams and students across the university to facilitate engagement with the Wikimedia projects as part of the University’s strategy to develop information and digital literacy skills.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery crest above Society of Antiquaries entrance CC BY-SA 3.0

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (SAS) was formed in 1780 and has been producing information ever since, including books, journals, excavation reports, lectures (which are now video recorded), and the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework. In 2019, Wikimedia UK jointly funded a one-year residency at the Society of Antiquaries, with the Resident working one day per week. This project, unlike other residencies, focussed almost exclusively on consultation on, and development of, an open knowledge policy for the Society.

Banners at NLS George IV Bridge building 2013. CC BY-SA 2.5

Past residencies

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