Mike Peel resigns as a Trustee of Wikimedia UK

It is with regret that Wikimedia UK announces that Mike Peel has resigned as a trustee of the charity. Mike’s … Continue reading “Mike Peel resigns as a Trustee of Wikimedia UK”

  • Stevie Benton
  • July 27, 2013
A photo of Mike Peel
Mike Peel

It is with regret that Wikimedia UK announces that Mike Peel has resigned as a trustee of the charity.

Mike’s contributions both to the charity and to the wider Wikimedia movement are widely admired and respected. He became a Wikimedian in 2005 and was instrumental in the formation of Wikimedia UK. He has served on the charity’s Board continuously since its inception in 2008 performing in the roles of Chair and Secretary at various times. His contributions are far too numerous to list here – in fact it would be easier to list those projects he hasn’t been involved in.

Mike Peel, former trustee of Wikimedia UK, said: “Wikimedia UK has come a long way over the past five years and I am very proud to have played my part in its development. Wikimedia UK has faced some serious challenges over the past year and I wish the Board the best in dealing with the challenges of the future.”

Chris Keating, Chair of Wikimedia UK, said: “Mike is one of the people without whom Wikimedia UK wouldn’t exist. His good sense, dedication and hard work have been immensely important to the Board, as has his profound belief in the Wikimedia movement’s vision and values. He has played a particularly pivotal role in the last few years as Secretary and he will be greatly missed.”

Jon Davies, Chief Executive of Wikimedia UK, said: “Mike’s belief in the mission of Wikimedia UK is breathtaking – he has done every job there is to do and completely deserves his break from the board – we look forward to continuing to work closely with him.”

Mike is looking forward to being able to put more of his energy into the Wikimedia Foundation’s Funds Dissemination Committee, and also returning to contributing to the Wikimedia projects. He will also remain active as a volunteer with Wikimedia UK on projects such as our Llwybrau Byw / Living Pathways project.

4 thoughts on “Mike Peel resigns as a Trustee of Wikimedia UK”

  1. I know I’ve already said this in the blog post, but Mike will be much missed by me and the whole Board. Sorry to see you go!

  2. I also want to publicly thank Mike for his excellent work building up and caring for Wikimedia UK over a long period. Mike has applied great skills and insight across the whole spectrum of Wikimedia activities, from strategy (including international relations) to outreach (including running the first editathon) to technical minutiae (including keeping the mail server running). He’s even been involved in raising the media profile of Wikipedia, which I know he’s been uncomfortable with as someone who doesn’t seek the limelight. And he has worked hard – incredibly hard – as Chair, Company Secretary and in other roles. Wikimedia UK simply would not now exist as a charity raising the profile of free knowledge and open culture if not for the dedication of Mike and the other early directors.

    Mike is also an excellent Wikipedian and has always stayed above the pettiness and posturing that characterise some of our community’s discussions. He has always clung to the values and working methods that define our movement. Although I’m glad he hasn’t got his way in every decision (no trustee does), I have to admire that his opinions come from deeply held principles. It’s been simply incredible to see him achieve what he has for Wikimedia UK while also contributing so much open content to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons and *also* having a day job as an astrophysicist.

    If Mike had left the Board any earlier, I would have been seriously worried for Wikimedia UK. With recent changes, I’m confident that WMUK is set for ever greater things, in large part because of Mike’s work so far. Cheers Mike, and see you on-wiki.

  3. Having just taken over as Secretary from Mike I’d like to thank him as well. What he has passed on to me and how he has passed it on say everything about how conscientious he is and how hard he has worked for the organisation. He is a very hard act to follow and I will do my best to be worthy of the standards he has set.

  4. Thank you so much for all the energy you gave to WMUK, and with such great effect! Happy to see your continued service on the FDC!
    Jan-Bart de Vreede,
    Vice Chair Board of Trustees
    Wikimedia Foundation

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