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  • February 7, 2014
Gottweig Abbey Library, Austria. This photo is one of the nominees in the contest.

This post was written by Stuart Prior, Wikimania Liaison

Once again, it’s time for Wikimedia Commons’ Picture of the Year. This really does showcase the quality of photographers we have out there contributing to the community, and there’s a lovely diversity in the work displayed. Not to forgot those adding illustrations, maps and diagrams (I love the maps, personally).

It’s fun to have these competitions, but I think it’s important not to understate the value and importance of being able to collect and share images like this freely, given the situation that in many countries there is still no true Freedom of Panorama. Fortunately in the UK we have a lot of latitude as photographers, but there is a long way to go in terms of expanding these freedoms in other countries and regions.

Given this context, I feel as though I should be voting for them all, and it is another thing that makes it harder to choose. Also, I am never sure whether I am judging this based on how good I think the picture is, or how much I like the content?

As it is, the images in the Interiors & Details category are among my favourites, and I hope to see see something from there reach the finals. Place your own votes now!

A big thanks to those who have submitted, and good luck to all.

Voting for round one finishes tonight. Round two will begin soon after.

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