Spotlight on the residency – Natural History Museum and Science Museum WIR 2013-14

  • September 22, 2014
Photo shows John, wearing a black Wikipedia t-shirt, in front of a cross section of a giant sequoia, one of the largest trees in the world
John Cummings at the Natural History Museum

This post was written by Daria Cybulska, Programme Manager

Recently released annual review of Wikimedia UK made me look back at 2013. One of the important projects we supported that year was the Natural History Museum and Science Museum Wikimedian in Residence, a project delivered by John Cummings. The work continued long after the official end of the residency in January 2014, and luckily shortly before full preparations for Wikimania 2014 kicked in, John was able to finalise the case study report from his project.

Why did the residency take place? What happened during the project? What are we thinking of doing now?

Open doors

Over the course of the project many doors were knocked at, and from that wide range of ideas we got some very encouraging wins. Below are some highlights extracted from the case study report.

Key reflections

Long duration of the project allowed for many thoughts on future improvements – dig into the later parts of the report (p. 25 onwards) for the whole picture. Some of the highlights are:

Any comments and ideas can be directed to John ( or to our GLAM programme (

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