A weekend at MozFest

This post was written by Stuart Prior, Fundraising Assistant I recently spent the weekend at Mozfest , the annual Mozilla conference, held … Continue reading “A weekend at MozFest”

  • Stuart Prior
  • November 5, 2014
The photo is a view from a balcony at MozFest, giving a top-down view on  a workshop
Workshops at MozFest 2014

This post was written by Stuart Prior, Fundraising Assistant

I recently spent the weekend at Mozfest, the annual Mozilla conference, held in Greenwich.

The aim of going was to find out how Mozilla’s community worked, to make project and fundraising contacts in the open sector and, after my role in organising our own community conference, Wikimania 2014, to see how they did it.
Also, to see and support in any way I could, the Open Coalition work that Bekka Kahn was doing there in the form of running the Community Building track of the conference.

It was both very similar and very different. There were more workshops and discussions than talks, which was refreshing, if a little intimidating.  The content was often very technical and platform based, and not being a Mozillan, unfamiliar to me.

But, what felt exactly the same was the sense of community and optimism. The fact that people were friendly and open to talking to you, and I spent a lot of time explaining Wikimedia projects and how the movement worked, and met some interesting people with some interesting projects.

Moreover, Mozilla’s focus on creating an open web, and on encouraging digital literacy and engaging young people with the Open Source movement is invaluable to a free and open society. With serious concerns about online monopolies and a restricted, highly commodified and profoundly un-free internet, this is increasingly important and something we in the Wikimedia movement should all be supporting.

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