Wiki Loves Monuments UK 2016 Winners Announced!

  • November 7, 2016

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More than 250 people took part in the UK competition, uploading 6,200 photos of cultural heritage which anyone can reuse. Thank you to everyone who took part. The winners of the overall competition will be announced in December.

Wiki Loves Monuments is a global photographic competition run by the Wikimedia Foundation and its local chapters like Wikimedia UK. We encourage photographers to upload photos of places that have Wikipedia articles so that those photos can be used to illustrate Wikipedia.

  1.,_south_aisle_of_retro-choir.jpg, “Winchester Cathedral, south aisle of retro-choir” by Michael Coppins
  2., Perch Rock Lighthouse by Richard J Smith
  3.,_Plymouth,_Devon.jpg, “Royal William Yard, Plymouth, Devon” by Michael Chapman
  4., “Eilean Donan at Dusk” by Syxaxis Photography (George Johnson)
  5., “Hazell Brook Bridge” by Hamburg103a
  6., “Queens’ College – Mathematical Bridge” by Rafa Esteve
  7., “RibbleheadViaduct” by Sterim64
  8., “Royal Albert Hall – Central View 169” by Colin
  9., “Tone Mills Dyehouse” by Msemmett
  10., “Transporter Bridge Winter Sunrise” by WelshDave

2 thoughts on “Wiki Loves Monuments UK 2016 Winners Announced!”

  1. Nice photos, but only one or two of them are useful for Wikipedia. Isn’t that a major criterion in the competition?

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