January Scots writing drive

  • January 14, 2022

By Dr Sara Thomas, Scotland Programme Coordinator at Wikimedia UK

Over the last 18 months we’ve been working with the Scots Wiki community and Marco Cafolla, running editathons to improve the quality of the Scots wiki. The community has done a huge amount of work, as documented here, including a lot of article deletion in order to address the issues that came to light in August 2019. However, what the Scots wiki needs in the long term is more editors. As we know from our work with Celtic Knot, working on a minority language Wikipedia can feel like a huge task, but many hands make light work!  

At the end of last year we surveyed previous editathon participants. In response to what folks said, we’re extending the two day editathon to a week-long writing drive. We’ll also be including two evening sessions for collaborative editing – one on Tuesday 18th, 7-9pm, and one on Thursday 20th, 7-9pm. They’ll be held on Zoom, so please sign up through those Eventbrite links to get the joining info.

For January, we’ll be focussing on articles about languages, and on stub articles. There’s also other tasks for those who are less confident with their written Scots to help out with, such as adding images, or references.  And of course, we highly recommend the Scots Language Centre’s collection of resources for anyone wanting to improve their written Scots!

Sign up on the dashboard and then drop by Scots wiki any time over the next week (17th-23rd January)!  You can see the on-wiki event page here.

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