Welcome Tatjana Baleta, Wikimedia Visiting Fellow for climate

  • October 19, 2022

The need for reliable information online about our climate is more apparent than ever. Which is why Wikimedia UK launched our first climate-focused residency in partnership with GSI at the University of Exeter. Tatjana will work alongside several world-leading climate scientists, including those at the UK Met Office. We’re delighted to welcome Tatjana to our team, and hope everyone in the editing community will give her a warm welcome.

By Tatjana Baleta, Wikimedia Visiting Fellow at Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter

I am a South African conservationist and science communicator with an interest in the power of knowledge to drive change. As the Wikimedia Visiting Fellow at the GSI, I will be working with researchers and the Wikimedia community to make climate change knowledge more accessible, expand and strengthen the quality of climate change information available on open knowledge platforms and to combat dis- and misinformation.

My fascination with the natural world led me pursue a BSc in Ecology & Evolution and Genetics and a BMedSc(Hons) in Cell Biology. With a growing understanding of the global environmental crisis, I then completed an MPhil in Conservation Leadership.

I have worked internationally in research and communications on marine species monitoring, marine litter monitoring, marine protected area design research, conservation technology, species prioritisation and conservation-decision making.

As an avid science communicator, I am passionate about sharing my love for the natural world, and particularly about using that communication to instigate positive change.

I’m really excited to dive into this opportunity to explore open knowledge systems and contribute to climate change resource accessibility.

Keen to brainstorm? Let’s connect! Contact me at t.baleta@exeter.ac.uk.

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