Empowering literacy advocacy: a Wikimedian and certified trainer’s experience at the World Literacy Summit with support from Wikimedia UK

  • April 28, 2023

By Bukola James, Volunteer Wikimedian

Attending the World Literacy Summit 2023 at Baliol’s College in Oxford was a dream come true for me, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the accommodation support from Wikimedia UK. As a passionate advocate for literacy and a Wikimedian, I was thrilled to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same passion for promoting literacy for all.

Throughout the conference, I had the privilege of meeting literacy ambassadors and advocates who are spearheading interesting projects and programs to make literacy accessible to everyone. I was inspired by their dedication and learned so much from their experiences.

One of the highlights of the summit was my encounter with Frank Schulenburg, the executive director of WikiEducation US & Canada. His presentation on the work of the organization and how Wikipedia fosters information literacy in higher education classrooms was truly insightful. After the presentation, we had a productive conversation over coffee where we discussed how some of the programs and initiatives could be adopted for WikiEducation projects in Nigeria.

During the summit, I had the opportunity to present my Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom project in East Room 14. It was a great feeling to share my work with the attendees and receive positive feedback. I also attended the plenary session at the Sheldonian Theater, as well as several tracks on World Literacy presentations. These sessions were highly informative and engaging, and I gained a wealth of knowledge about literacy programs and initiatives from around the world.

For me, some of the sessions that stood out were those that focused on the intersection of technology and literacy, and how we can leverage digital tools to make literacy more accessible and engaging for all. Another session that left a lasting impression on me highlighted the importance of promoting multilingual literacy and preserving endangered languages.

The World Literacy Summit 2023 was an enriching experience that reminded me of the transformative power of literacy. It reinforced my commitment to promoting literacy for all and ensuring that every person, regardless of their background, has access to the tools and resources they need to succeed.

As I return to Nigeria, I am excited to bring back the knowledge and ideas I gained from the World Literacy Summit and continue working towards free knowledge for all. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Wikimedia UK for their support throughout my stay in Oxford. I look forward to staying in touch and collaborating on future projects that will advance the cause of literacy around the world.


Bukola James


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