Introducing George Colbourn – our new Fundraising Development Coordinator

  • February 15, 2021

In January we started the year as we mean to go on, by ensuring that Wikimedia UK is sustainable for the future. We grew our fundraising capacity by recruiting George Colbourn for the newly created role of Fundraising Development Coordinator. George joins our Development and Communications Team, headed by Natasha Iles, and accompanied by Katie Crampton as Communications and Governance Coordinator.

George began working in the third sector when he interned at the American non-profit ‘Liberty in North Korea’. It was here that George learnt the basics of fundraising, campaigning and event planning. In six months, George travelled across 15 US states, raising awareness of the growing North Korean refugee crisis and how people in the West could lend their support.

Upon returning to the UK George started working for the Stroke Association, focusing on securing grants from Trusts and Foundations. In his two years at Stroke, he secured numerous grants for stroke support services, national campaigns and pioneering stroke research studies.

In 2018, George took a break from the charity world to embark on a part time Masters in Global Development. It was during his studies that George began to learn about the importance of open knowledge, and how access to free, reliable information is integral to social development. He found the Wikimedia projects integral to his studies.

When asked why he wanted to work for Wikimedia UK, George emphasised his ambition to be involved with an organisation that promotes the advancement of open knowledge in the UK and to focus his fundraising efforts on this cause.

We’re delighted to have George working with us, and in the month he’s been with us he’s already become a valuable asset to the team.

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