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Terms of reference for the Executive working group

The purpose of the Executive working group is to aid co-ordination between the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Executive and these four are members of the Executive working group. An Executive working group meeting is quorate provided that three of the four members are present. All other Board members may attend and speak.

The Executive working group meets when required, normally between scheduled Board meetings. Minutes will be posted at Board meetings shortly after the meeting ends.


The Executive working group has scope to:

  • support and advise the Chief Executive in developing and implementing operational plans
  • monitor performance and risks as required between Board meetings
  • identify actions on urgent issues which require decision by the full Board, or a defined delegated authority from the Board

The Executive working group may also review policies and procedures, particularly with regards to compliance, risk management, health, safety, corporate responsibility and environmental issues, and produce recommendations to the Board to ensure compliance with best practice and regulatory standards.

The Board may also delegate the Executive working group responsibility for particular tasks or areas as they arise.