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I have the privilege of introducing this newsletter and once again, I’m struck by the diversity of activities that Wikimedia UK and our wider community has been involved in over the past few months. From the London College of Communications’ continued work to address content gaps and issues of equity on the Wikimedia projects, through to talks at events and conferences; from the launch of the Changemakers’ Toolkit in partnership with Sheila McKechnie Foundation, to participation in the global photography competition Wiki Loves Folklore (the deadline for which is the end of March, so do get your entries in before then) we continue to deliver and support a wide range of work to achieve our vision of a more informed, democratic and equitable society through open knowledge.

Whilst issues of equity affect many groups, this month our attention is on women, as we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. It was wonderful to see the work of Lucy Moore featured in a Guardian article, chronicling her own tireless work to document notable women around the world, and calling for more people to contribute to Wikipedia and close the gender gap. March – which includes Mothering Sunday in the UK and also my own mother’s birthday – is also a month of personal reflection for me; as a mum of two young boys who I am endeavouring to raise with respect for all and an appreciation of  difference, and the daughter of a mum who was innately feminist, although she wouldn’t have described herself in those terms. I’m very happy to call myself a feminist and see so many wiki editors – whether intentionally or simply because they admire the women they're writing about – share their knowledge on how women have helped shape our world.

Lucy Crompton-Reid

Chief Executive of Wikimedia UK

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