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Press releases

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Welcome to the Wikimedia UK press page. This page is intended to be a first port of call for journalists and reporters with an interest in the work of the charity.

About us

Wikimedia UK is the national Wikimedia chapter for the global Wikimedia open knowledge movement and a registered charity. We believe that open access to knowledge is a fundamental right, and a driver for social and economic development. We work with the Wikimedia Projects such as Wikipedia to enable people and organisations to contribute to a shared understanding of the world through the democratic creation, distribution and consumption of knowledge. We are committed to the ideal of a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge, and believe that here in the UK, we can play a unique and important role in realising that vision.

The Wikimedia projects are run by the Wikimedia Foundation (who operate Wikipedia, amongst other projects).

We have volunteers throughout the UK, working on a wide range of projects and activities such as editing Wikipedia, building relationships with cultural institutions, advocating on behalf of the open knowledge movement, delivering training and hosting editing workshops.

Press releases, blog posts and social media

We issue several press releases every year when there's something particularly newsworthy related to Wikimedia UK and / or Wikimedia projects. If you'd like to be included on our distribution list please email All press releases are also published directly on our blog.

Our blog is often a good place to go to get details about some of our projects and initiatives. Blog posts are written by several volunteers and staff and are a useful way to keep in touch with the activities of the charity. More stories, images and video are added on a regular basis so do check back often or subscribe (RSS).

Wikimedia UK is also active on Twitter (@wikimediaUK) and Facebook (

Recent blog highlights

For recent posts on the blog, please visit


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Please use the following email address for press or media enquiries.

For urgent enquiries, please also contact Wikimedia UK on:

+44 (0)203 372 0760

Or Lucy Crompton-Reid (Chief Executive) on:

+44 (0)203 372 0762 or +44 (0)7739 174496

For a Wikimedia community perspective, you can also contact: David Gerard - +44 (0)77 3322 3584


Please see the following links for statistics, images and information about Wikimedia UK:

Please see the following links for statistics, images and information about Wikipedia and its sister projects:

For international information, please see the Wikimedia Foundation press room.