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These disclaimers form an integral part of our terms of use, and must be read in that context.


You use our services entirely at your own risk. We exclude all warranties, express or implied, relating to your use of our services to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Viruses etc

Although we try to keep our services free of viruses and malicious code, we cannot guarantee that. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage as a consequence of viruses or malicious code.


We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by our services. We do not accept liability for errors or omissions, nor for any reliance you may place on that information.

Unless specifically stated to the contrary, any views expressed on the wiki are those of its users, not of Wikimedia UK. Personal views presented on the wiki or elsewhere may not be imputed to Wikimedia UK merely because they have been stated by a member of staff, a contractor or a trustee.

Re-use of content

Where content (text or a media file) is shown on our websites as being available under a free licence such as CC BY-SA, you re-use any such content at your own risk. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any such licence, nor the availability of the content to be re-used. By hosting content that is labelled as CC BY-SA Wikimedia UK is simply indicating its understanding of the licence that has been applied to the content by its copyright owner, and is not authorising you to re-use it (indeed, it typically is not able to do so, as copyright in the content normally remains with its creator).

While copyright and licensing information is believed to be accurate, Wikimedia UK does not provide any warranty regarding any copyright status nor the correctness of licensing terms. If you decide to reuse content that is labelled CC BY-SA or public domain, you must verify the copyright status of that content just as you would when obtaining content from other sources.

In addition, other rights may apply. These may include trademarks, patents, personality rights, moral rights, privacy rights, or any of the many other legal rights which are independent of copyright and which vary greatly by jurisdiction. You are wholly responsible for any re-use you make of CC BY-SA or public domain labelled content sourced from our services.