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Want Wikipedia or Wikimedia training?

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If you are interested in a training session for your community or workplace, please contact the office.

Keep an eye on the events calendar and Wikimedia UK's Twitter feed; there may already be a training event in your area that you can ask to join.

We are especially keen to work:

Specialised audiences

We have customised training events for:

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Keep an eye on the events calendar or contact the office with a specific request.

Want to train others?

Our materials for trainers include session plans, materials, advice on training methods and details of past events.

If you see an event in the calendar that you'd like to help with, get in touch with Wikimedia UK's contact person for the event.

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We have an ongoing Training the Trainers programme for our volunteers. Any upcoming events will be listed on the events calendar. To register an interest, email

Want to improve Wikipedia or Wikimedia?

Anyone is welcome to contribute to Wikipedia or its sister projects straight away, and there are resources to help you start. We provide Markup guides/cheat sheets, Wikipedia Guides, guidance for Commons, and more.