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If you have a general enquiry about the Wikimedia projects that is not specific to the UK, please contact the Wikimedia community's volunteer helpdesk at E-mails to this address are reviewed and responded to by volunteers from the user community. Please understand that neither Wikimedia UK nor the Wikimedia Foundation (who operate the global volunteer helpdesk) can guarantee confidential treatment of any sensitive information you include in your message.

If you wish to improve a Wikimedia Project and would like to borrow some Wikimedia Uk equipment, please see Volunteer equipment

Contact details for individual board members are also available.

You can also keep in touch with what we're doing through this Wiki, and by subscribing to the newsletter.

Postal address

There are two methods for sending mail to us. The first is our Freepost address. If you're sending us a letter from within the UK, simply write FREEPOST WIKIPEDIA on an envelope, and it'll come to our office. There's no need to attach a stamp.

Alternatively, you can write to:

Wikimedia UK
5-11 Lavington Street

How to get here

51.50510, -0.09989
0203 372 0760
International +44 203 372 0760
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Twitter: @wikimediauk
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Wikimedia UK is a charity that is legally independent of the Wikimedia Foundation, the US-based non-profit organisation that operates Wikipedia and its sister sites. Wikimedia UK has no control over or responsibility for the contents of Wikipedia or of other websites run by the Wikimedia Foundation. If you wish to contact the Wikimedia Foundation, please see their contact page.