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Wikimedia UK is a volunteer-led organisation, which is guided by our trustees and supported by our staff.

Who are we?[edit]


  • We have 10 trustees, who are appointed for two-year terms. Our Board is responsible for the overall governance of the organisation.


  • We have 17 full and part-time staff, based out of our London office. Our staff are responsible for the day-to-day running of the charity. We also have 2 contractors.


  • We have around 275 members, who appoint our Trustees and vote on resolutions and changes to our Articles.


  • We have various committees, made up of a combination of volunteers, trustees and staff. These committees report to the Board, and have delegated responsibility for their topic areas.
  • Many volunteers also contribute to our work in less structured ways. To find some of these, see Category:Wikimedia UK volunteers.
  • There are also around 15,000 volunteers that contribute to the Wikimedia projects in the UK.
  • Many of the volunteers and staff of Wikimedia UK are experienced speakers and presenters. If you would like someone to present at an event, conference or gathering of any kind please do email

If you are interested in volunteering with Wikimedia UK, please visit the Volunteer page.

Photo wall[edit]

Each month we welcome volunteers from around the world to our office. Here are some of our visitors from the past few months:

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