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One of Wikimedia UK's three strategic goals is to promote open knowledge. Open knowledge is not a term which has much public recognition, though it is used by other organisations in the field, such as Open Knowledge International. We would like to be recognised in the UK as one of the main organisations promoting and ecouraging the creation of open knowledge, whether that be text, audio, visual or any other media.

Open knowledge is a general term for any media published on Open Licenses, like the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license used as default on Wikimedia Commons. The open knowledge movement is a response to the prevalence of commercial copyright in today's world, in which all content is copyrighted by default after its creation. We want to make the public aware that they can share their content with the world by publishing it on Open Licenses, where it is more likely to be widely used and shared.

We made a video which can be used to teach the concept of open knowledge by relating it to the history of Copyright.

What is open knowledge? (A short history of copyright)