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Cultural partnerships

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Cultural partnerships are co-operations between the Wikimedia movement and cultural institutions, such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums, known collectively as GLAMs. There are a wide range of possible projects − from content donations to edit-a-thon events (where Wikipedians and experts work together to improve the projects' coverage of a certain topic), and more.

Why work with Wikimedia?

Working with Wikipedia can enable you to:

  • Present your collections to new audiences
  • Increase worldwide engagement with the cultural heritage held by your institution
  • Work with a global community of volunteers to share your content online, via the Wikimedia projects
How to work successfully with Wikipedia

Who is working with us?

Cultural institutions we have worked with include:

Wikimedia UK's work with the GLAM sector complements its work with learned societies.

If you represent a cultural institution, and are interested in working with Wikimedia UK, please contact our office on 0203 372 0760 or

Wikimedians in Residence

WIR Programme Review as a PDF

A Wikimedian in Residence is a Wikipedia editor who works in an institution to facilitate a close working relationship between the Wikimedia movement and that institution through a range of activities, including:

  • Organising outreach work to encourage understanding and development of Wikimedia projects internally and externally
  • Exploring and sharing the institution's digital resources on Wikimedia Commons
  • Organising events to create or expand existing articles about notable items or subjects of specific relevance to the collection and the organisation's expertise
  • Working with the institution's staff to explain Wikipedia's and its sister projects' practices and how they might be able to contribute. This can be done via events, workshops, producing case studies and documentation of content.
  • Helping other Wikimedians to expand and write articles about the institution's collections or area of expertise
  • Developing other projects supporting open knowledge in the UK

An overview and background of our Wikimedians in Residence programme is given in the programme review published in 2014.

An in-depth look into the long-term effects of hosting a Wikimedian in Residence can be explored in the publication from 2019 (short version).

Current Wikimedians in Residence

Jason Evans; WiR at the National Library of Wales

The links below include more about current residencies arranged by partnerships including WMUK - including contact details.

There are plans for further residencies; if you have any queries please contact the office on 0203 372 0760, or

Some of the Wikimedians in Residence from around the world at GLAMcamp London in 2012

Past Wikimedians in Residence

Previous residences arranged by partnerships including WMUK include:

All residencies, including those in which WMUK was not involved, are listed at outreach:Wikipedian in Residence.

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