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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 26 April 2011.

Minutes for Board meeting on 16 April 2011, 18.30-20.00, held in person at Watershed 1, Bristol, during WikiConference UK 2011.


  • Andrew Turvey (AT; chair)
  • Mike Peel (MP; minutes)
  • Roger Bamkin
  • Martin Poulter
  • Thomas Dalton (outgoing)
  • Steve Virgin
  • Ashley Van Haeften
  • Chris Keating
  • Gem Griffiths (non-voting)

Apologies for absence[edit | edit source]

There were no apologies; everyone was present.

Approval of agenda[edit | edit source]

The agenda was approved unanimously.

Noting the election of the new Board[edit | edit source]

The election of the new board was noted.

ACTION: AT to notify Companies House and Charities Commission of the election of the new board.

ACTION: MP to sort out email addresses + board and office lists for new board members.

Vote of thanks to outgoing board members, teller and speakers[edit | edit source]

A vote of thanks was given to the outgoing board members, teller and speakers.

ACTION: AT to send a memento of our gratitude to the teller, outgoing board members, and speakers (excluding new board members).

Assignment of officials[edit | edit source]

Chair[edit | edit source]

It was unanimously decided that this should be Roger Bamkin.

Secretary[edit | edit source]

It was unanimously decided that this should be Mike Peel.

Treasurer[edit | edit source]

It was unanimously decided that this should be Andrew Turvey.

Any other positions[edit | edit source]

A unanimous decision was made that there should be no other named positions. All other board members are directors at large.

ACTION: All to produce a short profile for the website. Also to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'.

Gem will report and discuss media topics via calls with at least 2 out of 3 of Mike, Andrew, Roger.

Executive Committee - composition & delegated authority[edit | edit source]

Support for this structure. Composition: AT, MP, RB. Can also co-opt in.

Decisions that they can make without reference to the board:

  • Financial: currently done by the office wiki, with financial controls with 2 board members.
  • Emergency situations that need a decision where the complete board can't be assembled.

Transfer of authority to new board[edit | edit source]

Location of Registered Office[edit | edit source]

Currently a board member's house. In the future, should be at the office. Should not be used to send correspondence to. Board member addresses should be set to the registered office.

General authority per section 82, Charities Act 1993[edit | edit source]


Bank account signatories[edit | edit source]

TD needs to be removed as an account signatory, and RB needs to be added.

ACTION: AT to investigate debit cards for bank account signatories.

ACTION: AT to investigate how we can move to multiple signatories for large transactions.

ACTION: AT to investigate term deposits and return to the board with options.

Any other authority[edit | edit source]


New board member inductions[edit | edit source]

Note that these items were discussed in a different order than on the agenda. These minutes reflect the order that they were discussed rather than the order they were scheduled.

Staff & key volunteers[edit | edit source]

Payroll set up due to former office manager. Have plans for hiring new staff - to be reviewed at the next board meeting. Question of whether we want to have another part-time office manager. Would manage membership, OTRS, meeting minutes, donations. Support for a part-time office manager for 3 months, 10 hours a week, reporting to AT (who will then report to the board).

ACTION: AT to email around details of the interested candidate to be an office manager, and to also advertise the position externally.

PR - Gemma. Now consultant; 2 days per week. Will continue until the end of december. Review of communications strategy in July. Also media training for board members + others involved in media work.

Email and Private wikis[edit | edit source]

Email - board list, office list, internal-l, chapters-l

Private wikis - Chapters, Internal, WMUK Office

These two issues were dealt with together. An overview of these was given to the board by MP.

Communications[edit | edit source]

Communications - Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Newsletter, Facebook

ACTION: MP to set up access to blog for board members, and admins on fb.

Treasurer[edit | edit source]

Treasurer - Claims process, Approval process, Budget ownership, PayPal, Banking, CiviCRM

The budget and claims system were explained by AT.

Budget owners need updating. For now, change Tom to Andrew; the rest will be reviewed by the Board at a later time.

ACTION: TD to give AT the password for the main paypal account. AT to give all board members read-only access to the paypal account.

ACTION: MP to remove TD from CiviCRM, and to add CK. Other board members not to be added at this time.

Other items from prior year board members[edit | edit source]


Next meeting[edit | edit source]

Frequency and format of future board meetings (see Meetings)[edit | edit source]

Will have a board meeting every 6 weeks (ditto with executive, 3 weeks after/before the full board meeting). Alternate between conference calls and in-person meetings.

Date, time and venue[edit | edit source]

The next meeting will be via a conference call between 7.30-10.30pm on 26 April. Following from this, there will be an in-person meeting on 11-12 June.

Budget[edit | edit source]

The possibility of a facilitated strategy discussion was raised. This would consist of 3-4 days work for the facilitator:

  • 1 day of preparation;
  • Facilitation on the day itself;
  • 1-2 days writing up.

The total cost of this would be ~£3600. This would be for the 11-12 June meeting.

ACTION: AT to send Fae detailed information about the facilitation for the strategy discussion; Fæ to look into background, and to pin down specific outcomes (with SV). CK has contacts in this sector; will ask for a competitive quote. Fæ to take the lead with this topic.

Any Other Business[edit | edit source]

CK, internal communications. CK has been reviewing, and has recommendations. In particular, donors + next fundraiser.

ACTION: CK to email around a summary of his internal communications review.

TD, approval granted for him to continue using the internet banking until AT and MP have been given access.

SV, suggested making a vote of thanks to Watershed for providing us a meeting room for the board meeting for free. The vote was supported by the board.

NB: after the meeting, the pull-up banners were distributed to Martin (1) and Fæ (1).