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This survey was initiated on 31st December 2014 and was open until 18th January 2015.

Distance you are prepared to travel when volunteering?[edit | edit source]


In the past 12 months, how often have you been involved in efforts related to Wikimedia UK? (This refers to attending Wikimedia UK supported editathons, but does not include editing of Wikipedia and its sister projects in general.)[edit | edit source]

WMUKS2014-1 frevol.png

Please give a estimate of the total number of hours you have spent in the last 12 months volunteering in efforts related to Wikimedia UK?[edit | edit source]

WMUKS2014-2 hrsvol.png

If you have volunteered with Wikimedia UK, what is your motivation for doing so?[edit | edit source]

WMUKS2014-3 motvol.png

Would some form of support for childcare or other dependent care make it easier for you to volunteer for Wikimedia UK activities?[edit | edit source]

Out of 27 respondents 1 person said that dependent care might be useful, although 4 others agreed it would be useful for other people.

If you have volunteered with Wikimedia UK, in what year did you first do so?[edit | edit source]

WMUKS2014-5 stavol.png

How did you first learn about opportunities for volunteering for Wikimedia UK?[edit | edit source]

WMUKS2014-6 leavol.png

What kind of activities would you be interested in doing while volunteering for Wikimedia UK?[edit | edit source]

WMUKS2014-8 actvol.png

Do you have a talent or skill that we have never asked you to put to use in your volunteering for Wikimedia UK, but would be happy to do so? If so, what is it?[edit | edit source]

WMUKS2014-9 skivol.png

Over the last 12 months, have you attended any training events organised by Wikimedia UK?[edit | edit source]

WMUKS2014-10 evevol.png

If you have not attended any training or other Wikimedia UK activities, what were the barriers that stopped you from doing so?[edit | edit source]

WMUKS2014-11 barvol.png

What additional training not currently offered would help you to be more effective as a volunteer?[edit | edit source]

WMUKS2014-12 travol.png

Effectiveness of training[edit | edit source]