2010 Budget

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This page is kept as an archival reference.
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A narrative axplanation of the main items of this budget can be seen at http://www.mail-archive.com/wikimediauk-l@lists.wikimedia.org/msg02055.html

Available money
Category Source Details Amount (£) Notes
Fundraiser WMF referred ??? 50% of this is reserved for the WMF
Fundraiser Direct donations ???
Membership Fees ???
WMF Grant 3665.80
Total 90,350
Category Project Details Cost (£) Notes
Restricted funds from WMF grant Encouraging Wikipedia use in schools Computer 0 £114.87 unallocated
Travel 100 £514.87 unallocated
Statutory checks 0 £476.58 unallocated
Content access projects Travel, refreshments 400 £153.16 unallocated
Content generation projects Advertising 953.16
Attending the chapters conference Travel, accommodation 476.58
Attending free content conferences Travel 476.58
Sub-total 2,406.32 £1,259.48 unallocated total
Restricted funds payable to WMF ~45,000
Administrative costs Annual Accounts 1,000
Legal advice 3,000
2010 AGM (in addition to above) 500
in person board meeting 500
Telephone, postage etc 200
Insurance 500
Part-time Office Administrator 3,122
Sub-total 8,822
Programme spending GLAM WIKI 5,000
Multimedia Usability Project 10,000
Toolserver 5,000 **
Micro-grants 1,000
Content generation events 1,000
Sub-total 22,000
Reserves Opportunity Fund For this year 8,000
Emergency Admin Fund For next year 4,000
Emergency Programme Fund For next year 1,000
Sub-total 13,000
Total 91228.32

** In May 2010 we have agreed to participate in a working group looking at setting up a Toolserver Association. As part of that agreement, we agreed to contribute €5,000 to the costs of the Toolserver plus our share of the €5,000 costs of the working group. There are currently five participating chapters - DE, CH, FR, UK and IT - so our share will be €1,000. The total €6,000 will be spread over the period June 2010 - Dec 2011.

Other items?

  • Travel for other chapters to attend the Chapters meeting (~£500); ditto for Wikimedians attending Wikimania (as much as we want to spend - issues to be discussed regarding logistics and whether it would be restricted to UK Wikimedians)
  • CfP outcomes
  • Wikimania bid (Manchester Wikimania Bid/Bid budget - about £340 in 2010)
  • Events surrounding Wikipedia Day (Wikipedia's 10th birthday) in January 2011