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This page contains UK specific material for the 2011 Fundraiser to translate. We can add these phrases to any of the appeals on meta.

Translations are welcome in any language spoken in the UK. We can then run the translated pages on the relevant language projects in the UK. We'll also aim to provide links from the default English appeals to versions in other languages, so if anyone browsing the English Wikipedia clicks a banner but then prefers to read a fundraising appeal in Welsh, we should make that possible.

Unfortunately neither of the payment systems we are using (Paypal and SmartDebit) support translations (that we know of) and neither can we create paths to translated "Thank You" pages.

Direct Debit Landing page texts

  • "Can you donate £3 a month to help keep Wikipedia free?"
  • "Donate by Direct Debit"
  • "Donate by PayPal / Credit Card"
  • "Frequency: Monthly Quarterly"
  • "I'd prefer to make a one off donation"
  • "I agree to receive occasional updates from Wikimedia UK. "
  • "Your personal data is subject to our privacy policy. For more information on other ways to give, click here."
  • "Will you help protect Wikipedia by donating £3, £5, £10 a month or whatever you can afford?"
  • "I'd prefer to make a regular donation"

Direct Debit Landing page texts - cy

  • "A allwch gyfrannu £3 y mis tuag at gadw Wicipedia'n rhydd?"
  • "Rhoi drwy Debyd Uniongyrchol"
  • "Rhoi drwy PayPal / Cerdyn Credyd"
  • "Amlder: Bob mis Bob chwarter"
  • "Mae'n well gennyf gyfrannu unwaith"
  • "Rwyn cytuno i dderbyn newyddion oddi wrth Wikimedia UK o bryd i'w gilydd."
  • "Mae eich manylion personol yn cael eu trin yn ôl ein polisi preifatrwydd. Am wybodaeth pellach ar ddulliau eraill o dalu, pwyswch yma."
  • "A wnewch chi helpu diogelu Wicipedia drwy gyfrannu £3, £5, £10 y mis neu cyn gymaint ag a fedrwch?"
  • "Mae'n well gennyf gyfrannu'n rheolaidd"

Gift Aid declaration

  • "Make your donation go 25% further with Gift Aid:"
  • "I am a UK taxpayer. Please claim Gift Aid on all donations I have made to Wikimedia UK since 3 November 2011 and in future."
  • "By asking us to claim Gift Aid on your donations, you agree that you pay more UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax than the value of the tax we reclaim on your gifts. We will use the address you supply us while making your donation for our Gift Aid records. If your circumstances or address change please let us know."
  • "You can find out more about Gift Aid on the HMRC website."

Gift Aid declaration - cy

  • "Ymestynnwch eich rhodd o 25% drwy Rhodd Cymorth:"
  • "Rwyf yn talu treth i'r DU. Hawliwch Rhodd Cymorth ar yr holl roddion yr wyf wedi eu rhoi i Wikimedia UK er 3 Tachwedd 2011 ac y gwnaf eu rhoi o hyn allan."
  • "Wrth ofyn i ni hawlio Rhodd Cymorth ar eich rhoddion, rydych yn cytuno eich bod yn talu mwy o Dreth Incwm neu Dreth ar Enillion Cyfalaf yn y DU nag o werth y dreth yr ydym yn ei hawlio ar eich rhoddion. Byddwn yn cofnodi'r cyfeiriad yr ydych yn ei arddel wrth dalu'ch rhodd yn ein cofnodion Rhodd Cymorth. Os bydd eich amgylchiadau neu eich cyfeiriad yn newid rhowch wybod i ni."
  • "Gallwch gael rhagor o wybodaeth am Rodd Gymorth ar wefan Cyllid & Thollau EM."