2013 Activity Plan/Board costs

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The board costs budget covers:

  • The cost of board meetings
  • The cost of the teleconferencing system (as it is used primarily for board meetings)
  • Costs related to individual trustee training
  • Costs of trustee recruitment
  • Attendance at international meetings

It does not cover 'governance costs', such as board training days or governance advice, which are covered by (which budget?).

Budget for each in-person board meeting[edit | edit source]

Assuming seven board members, three of which have to travel long-distance (assuming £75 travel as well as accommodation for two nights) and four of which are local (assuming £20 travel and no accommodation). Catering and evening meals for all board members for two days.

Item Amount per person Total Notes
Travel to meeting £75*3+£20*4 £305 Shouldn't depend on location?
Accommodation £70*3*2 nights £420 Number of rooms may vary, but overall cost won't? Assuming including breakfast.
Lunch £60*2 days £120 Location-independent?
Evening meals £10*7*2 evenings £210 Location-independent?
Total ~£150/trustee £1055

Overall budget[edit | edit source]

Item Amount per person/event Total Notes
Board Training £100/person £0.7k Depends on availability and location.
Chair's budget N/A £0.5k As per governance review (recommendation 11), for a mentor/coach. Amount could vary.
Legal costs for board advice N/A £2.3k Depends on advice needed. Amount based on staff 'board training+legal' estimate.
Board meetings £1k/meeting £5k Staff estimate of £7k.
AGM attendance £150/person £1.05k Assuming travel and one night's accommodation(?) to a non-London location
EGM attendance £50/person £0.35k Assuming travel to a London location, no accommodation needed
Wikimedia Chapters meeting £600/person £1.2k Assuming two trustees.
Wikimania attendance £1500/person £3k Assuming two trustees
Telecomms costs (Inc Conference phone) N/A £1k Staff estimate
Recruitment costs N/A £0.94k Third Sector advertisement
Board interest day £50/person £0.5k Assuming a total of 10 people, either current or potential board members, no accommodation needed.
PQASSO £0 Not included in this budget?
Total £16.54k Budgeted: £16k