2013 Activity Plan/Extended Reach programme

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To support outreach projects aimed at increasing participation in the Wikimedia movement especially amongst women, or involving any minority ethnic, LGBT, linguistic or other community in the UK, which might not otherwise be funded. This has proved difficult to spend this year but as capacity has gradually increased the CE feels that this is a budget area that will be easily spent in 2013-14 hence keeping it at the same level. It is an important part of our aim to develop volunteer capacity.



Budget responsibility

Daria Cybulska.

Timetable for activities

Throughout year, with the focus on particular events in the calendar - e.g. Women's History Month, Black History Month. Additionally, the activities in this stream can tie in with our outreach work in Wales, and Scotland (around the Wikimedian in Residence at the National Library of Scotland).

There is also a Wikimedia Diversity Conference in November 2013 which the chapter is supporting and being involved in.

Success Criteria
  • An events programme is created that offers a variety of activities from entry to expert level.
  • The programme succeeds in reaching people in target categories.
  • The participants continue their volunteering with Wikimedia UK and are still active 6 months after the events.
  • The participants receive follow-up support as required.
  • That membership of Wikimedia UK grows in the target groups and areas.
  • There continues to be insufficient take-up.
  • We fail to reach the identified groups.
  • Our capacity increases to a level where this amount is too small.