2013 Activity Plan/GLAM Wikimedians in Residence

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In the past year we have seen more and more galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs) working with Wikimedia UK. Within the sector, the chapter is nurturing the drive to share collections and information to increase the sum of human knowledge. UK Wikimedian in Residence programme is a powerful expression of this drive. In 2013-14 we were building on the strong foundations laid by the British Library residency, and run many partnerships with prestigious cultural institutions.

We have begun to part-fund Wikimedian in Residence positions. The number of positions depends on negotiations with partner institutions about how a Wikimedian in Residence fits with their organisation and how much funding they will make available.This budget can therefore stretch to cover different numbers of WiR with varying length contracts. This is the first year we are funding these projects in a formal way. The institutions sign an Agreement with WMUK to codify the rules and expectations of each project, and the Residents supply regular reports to monitor progress.

These posts build strong bridges with institutions and also act as a focus for community involvement and development.



Budget responsibility

Chief Executive

Timetable for activities

A big recruitment drive in November/December 2012 to encourage applications: more information on office wiki or here. This has been successful with many good quality enquiries - they have been carried over to 2013-14 financial year. Three have been approved and put forward in Spring 2013, and further three in Autumn 2013. The details of the current residencies can be found here, together with the project plans for the residencies.

Discussions to set up further residencies - ongoing.

Success Criteria
  • A good quality WiRs are selected.
  • A clear programme of activities is established and delivered in consultation with the host institutions.
  • Residents report regularly about their activities monthly or bimonthly. Issues reported are being picked up and supported.
  • Every agreement has the expected outcomes outlined so both parties know what the success would look like.
  • Reputation and conflicts of interest. WMUK is putting in place contracts to protect both parties and the WiR themselves.
  • WiRs are unable to bridge their host community, the Wikimedia UK community and the general population (Countermeasure: Support the GLAM network with shared case studies, workshopping and mobilize support as needed for key points in the most visible projects.)
  • Funding will not be scalable as demand increases (Countermeasure: Build relationships with significant independent funding bodies)