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Report from the conference - from 8 months perspective - is here.


We will run a two-day EduWiki Conference 2013 raising awareness of the educational possibilities of Wikipedia and sister projects, and developing Wikimedia UK's academic engagement. The conference will revolve around broad themes including the following streams:

  • The Wikipedia Education Program
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Critical thinking, digital literacy and wiki-literacy
  • Assessment and accreditation
  • Open learning communities such as Wikiversity

EduWiki Conference 2012 was a great success and we feel that the spin-offs have demonstrated the importance of such high-profile events


£12,000. Draft budget here - [1]

Budget responsibility

Doug Taylor

Budget details


Timetable for activities

Preparation for the event from April 2013 up till the date of the conference.

1-2 November 2013 in Cardiff.

Success Criteria
  • Full attendance as per plan - 80 - 120 delegates, coming from Higher Education, Secondary/High Schools, Adult and Lifelong learning
  • Attendees value conference and provide good feedback.
  • Conference content is stimulating and appropriate
  • That there is follow-up that offers development throughout the University and Scholarly Societies community and builds links with Wikimedia UK.

There have also been more specific desired long-term outcomes identified by Toni Sant: EduWiki long-term outcomes:

  1. stronger engagement in higher education institutions towards more university tutors assigning the editing of Wikipedia articles and/or contributing to other Wikimedia projects for assessment (course credit).
  2. broader reach across the education sector (lifelong learning as well as school children, along with higher education) towards better understanding of Wikimedia’s projects and direct engagement with content sharing.
  3. better awareness, especially among senior managers in the education sector about the appropriate use of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in education.
  4. enabling UK-based academic researchers to develop a UK-based network with others working on Wikimedia-related academic research, as well as ensuring more participation in the existing WikiSym community.

  • Low attendance.
  • Lack of stimulating content.
  • Lack of focus.