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For previous year see 2012 Activity Plan/Train the Trainers

Train the Trainers Programme


A programme of creating quality trainers to support our activities. Trainers develop skills and confidence both with contributing to the Wikimedia projects and teaching others to contribute. In turn, they will be better placed to support Wikimedia UK's outreach efforts. Our training programmes include expert outreach workshops with a variety of learned societies, funding bodies and educational charities. They also include events to diversify our community by reaching out to small, informal groups. While the core of our training depends on volunteer work, this activity needs a budget for travel, for hosting events, for the creation of teaching resources and appropriate professional assistance.

The CE is proposing a continuation in this budget to enable continued capacity building. The Moodle Virtual Learning Environment consists of a separate £2K in the VLE section. The 2012-13 programme trained 22 people. We would hope for at least another two TtT sessions in 2013-14 doubling this number and delivering the courses outside London to support our reach.

Budget responsibility
Budget responsibility: Doug Taylor
Primary contact: Daria Cybulska
Budget breakdown
  • £5,000+VAT for one training session. This fee will cover course preparation, the provision of Midas handouts and the use of Midas training equipment such as video camera, laptop and data projector.
  • £150 per person for a post training telephone feedback (requirement in order to be accredited). This is £1500-£1800 per training session.
  • c. £50 - stationery for 12 volunteers over one Training weekend
  • c. £400 - lunch&dinner for 12 volunteers over one Training weekend
  • c. £600 - hotels for volunteers over one Training weekend
  • c. £200 - train fare expenses for volunteers over one Training weekend
  • c. £400 - expenses for Midas trainers, especially for events outside of London (train fare & hotel x2)

Depending on the location of the training session and the geographical spread of participants, the cost of one training session is ca. £10,000.

Timetable for activities
  • An additional training session was delivered in February 2013 covered from 2012-13 budget (As per Decisions/Train_the_Trainers_February_2013).
  • After these three sessions, Wikimedia UK engaged in a Train the Trainer review in Summer-Autumn 2013 to assess the quality and usefulness of the programme so far. Please see for conclusions, and here for fuller discussion and description of the process.

Upon a successful completion of the review, we are planning to deliver two sessions in 2013-14:

  • Late Autumn session in Wales to support the Living Paths project
  • An additional early 2014 session in a targeted area, e.g. Midlands
Success criteria
  • 2 training events held within one year.
  • Trainers recruited from community in the targeted areas (e.g. Wales) with sufficient attendance - at least 10 per session. High quality of participants ensured.
  • Feedback systems indicate satisfaction from those being trained
  • Participants receive structured and informal follow-up support
  • Participants become active trainers supporting several Wikimedia UK events per year
  • Events delivered professionally by the participants
  • We cannot find enough people of sufficient quality to train
  • Those who have received training do not volunteer as trainers at our events
  • The expected quality is not maintained