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Train the Trainers[edit | edit source]

Newly-trained Wikimedians at the Manchester training event in February 2013

As a part of Wikimedia UK's remit to support and promote Wikimedia projects, it’s important that not only are we able to encourage people to participate but that they can be taught to participate effectively. This is the role of our Training the Trainers programme. After all, who better to teach people to become Wikimedians than Wikimedians themselves?

The objective of the programme is to teach volunteer Wikimedians to deliver effective training. It’s an important, and difficult, skill and one that our volunteers went about learning with gusto. To ensure that the programme was effective we put the delivery of the programme to tender, with the winning bid coming from an external training provider, Midas Training. An accreditation process was also put in place meaning that participants had to meet a good standard to receive certification.

To date over around 30 Wikimedia UK volunteers and staff have taken part in the programme and now have the skills and confidence to deliver Wikimedia-based training on behalf of Wikimedia UK. The programme, and the trainers, continue to play an important role in extending our reach and increasing participation in our projects. It's helped to build our capacity to deliver events and led to some excellent training opportunities for volunteers.