2016 Annual General Meeting/Resolutions

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No further resolutions for the AGM can now be accepted. Discussion is welcome on the talk page.

Ordinary resolutions, proposed by the board

A motion to appoint board members

The Election Rules require an election of board members at this meeting.

This meeting resolves to hold an election in accordance with the Election Rules and to appoint the elected candidates as members of the Board of Trustees. Should some of the newly-elected Directors be required under Article 16.3 to retire at the next or the next-but-one Annual General Meeting, such Directors shall be those who receive the fewest first preferences. In the event of a tie, the teller shall draw lots.

A motion to note the annual report and accounts

This Meeting resolves that the annual report and accounts be noted.

A motion to set membership fees

The Membership Rules require the membership fees to be reviewed at each AGM.

This meeting resolves to maintain the membership fees unchanged for individual members at £5 per year and for all member organisations at £100 per year.

A motion to appoint independent examiners

At its meeting of 12 December 2015 the board ratified a decision of the charity's Audit and Risk Committee to reduce our annual professional accountancy fees by switching from an annual audit to an annual report by independent examiners.

This Meeting resolves to appoint Kingston Smith LLP as independent examiners until the next AGM, and to authorise the directors to determine the independent examiners' remuneration.

Special resolution to amend the articles, proposed by the board

To increase trustee terms from two to three years, and to adjust term overlap provisions

These changes are intended bring WMUK into line with best charity governance practice, and to reduce excessive churn of board membership.

This meeting resolves by special resolution to amend Articles 16.1 and 16.3 (Retirement of elected Directors) as follows:
  • 16.1 Elected Directors shall retire from office at the second third Annual General Meeting since their last appointment, unless by the close of the meeting there are insufficient Directors to hold a quorate meeting of the Directors.
  • 16.3 If more than three four Elected Directors are appointed at an Annual General Meeting, the number appointed in excess of three four shall be required to retire at the next second Annual General Meeting from their appointment.
The new periods take effect for trustees who are elected on or after the 2016 AGM. Existing trustee terms are not affected.