2016 Strategy Consultation

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The Draft Strategic Framework for 2016-19

Thank you to everyone who responded to our strategic framework consultation, either on wiki, by email or via the mailing list. We now need to look at the feedback in detail and consider how the draft framework should be amended to reflect the suggestions that have been made. As previously outlined, the outputs from the strategic planning process will be:

  • A clear, concise strategic framework for the period 2016 to 2019, which outlines our vision, mission, values, planned outcomes, strategic goals and objectives and major programme strands
  • A three year business plan which puts the strategy in context, articulating the external context and drivers, planned priorities and programmes for the three year period and internal resources including staffing and funding
  • A delivery plan which details our activities in 2016/17

A final draft of both the strategic framework and the business plan will be considered by the board at their next meeting in June. We will update the community soon afterwards with the outcomes from these discussions and, hopefully, the approved plans.