2017 AGM/Training the Trainers refresher

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 Training refresher

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On Saturday 15th July we are holding a refresher event for our trained trainers. It will take place in the Woburn Room at the Senate House Library in London, starting at 5.00pm and lasting until 8.30pm. It takes place shortly after the charity's Annual General Meeting.

Our participants will:

  • Introduce themselves
  • Share their experience of training for Wikimedia
  • Introduce the standard Wikimedia module on Basic editing skills
  • Revisit Learning Styles in relation to the basic module
  • Analyse the benefits of a diverse training team
  • Reflect upon their own training style and consider the style of their preferred training partners
  • Take part in a Presentation Skills Surgery to boost their own confidence and expertise
  • Identify what kind of Wikimedia training they currently enjoy running the most
  • Beyond training – how can trainers contribute to Wikimedia UK in other ways?