2021 Annual General Meeting/planning

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Deadline and To-Do list[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are legal deadline/limit, and not necessarily a scheduled date.

These dates are from the 2019 AGM as an example and are being edited accordingly. Please hold for 2021 dates.

Deadlines Item What By whom Notes Progress
Date Confirm date Board Less than 15 months from last AGM
Venue Confirm venue Board
11/09/2020 Minutes of 2020 AGM Type up and circulate for correction CEO
17/05/2021 Agenda Outline basic agenda Chair and CEO
17/05/2021 AGM Agenda Circulate drafts of Agenda & Resolutions for Board comment CEO
30/05/2021 Send Article 5.4 notice by email regarding members' resolutions As part of more general email with advance (non-statutory) warning of AGM CEO and Chair (Office) Legal deadline is 14 June, but under A5.4, members must be given at least 7 clear days notice of the deadline to file resolutions.
04/06/2021 Confirm tellers Decide who will be teller for AGM Board
06/06/2021 ARC meeting Endorse draft Annual Accounts for Board approval Audit & Risk Committee
06/06/2021 Deadline for board papers Deadline for board papers Board & Office
07/06/2021 Deadline for members to propose draft resolutions for AGM Members
08/06/2021 Earliest day notice of Director nomination can be received AoA#17.3(b)
07/06/2021 Strategic Report Draft text of Strategic Report for board approval CEO / Communications Co-ordinator
07/06/2021 Strategic Report Finalise text and design brief
13/06/2021 Finalise draft 2018 minutes Agree minutes to be put forward to AGM by email CEO and Board
13/06/2021 Agree agenda for AGM By email CEO and Board
13/06/2021 Approve Annual Report and Accounts By email CEO and Board
13/06/2021 Agree board resolutions going forward to AGM By email CEO and Board
21/06/2021 Strategic Report Text to designer CEO / Communications Co-ordinator
20/06/2021 Formal notice of AGM sent to members by email Include agenda, reminder to update address, and call for board candidates with link to Board/Becoming a trustee. Also include if possible Annual Report and Accounts. CEO and Chair AoA#26, ER
21/06/2021 Draft delegate packs CEO and Membership, Fundraising and Operations Assistant
22/06/2021 Formal notice of AGM legally given AoA#6.1, ER
28/06/2021 Deadline for members to suggest amendments to proposed resolutions (This deadline may not apply to obvious corrections of minor errors) Members
28/06/2019 Deadline for receipt of Director nominations at the Wikimedia UK offices Office AoA#17.3(b)
01/07/2021 Board Meeting
01/07/2021 Prepare papers Print proxy and voting forms, agenda, resolutions etc. Envelope stuffing Membership, Fundraising and Operations Assistant (Office)
03/07/2021 Notice of Directors' election sent to members by post Include voting forms, resolutions & amendments. Office AoA#17.4, ER
05/07/2021 Notice of Directors' election legally given to members AoA#26.6
01/07/2021 Deadline for membership eligibility prior to AGM Office
08/07/2021 Annual Review complete, and approved Publish online Communications co-ordinator
08/07/2021 Delegate packs Print agenda. feedback sheet. Prepare delegate packs. Office
09/07/2021 Name badges Print badges for attendees Office
11/07/2021 Deadline for receipt at the WMUK offices of AGM proxy appointments Members AoA#11.3
13/07/2021 AGM
13/07/2021 AGM quorum Greater of 10 or 10% in person or by proxy. Chair AoA#7
30/10/2021 Annual accounts filing with Companies House & circulation to members Office CA2006#424CA2006#442
30/10/2021 Annual return filing with Charity Commission Include Annual Report & independent examiner's report Office CA2011#163