Agenda 2017-12-09

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Wikimedia UK Board Meeting, 12th December 2017, First Floor Meeting Room, Europoint

Housekeeping (6pm)

  1. Apologies
  2. Declaration of interests
  3. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Matters arising

Chief Executive reports (6.15pm)

  1. CEO Report
  2. Quarter 3 2017/18 Performance Report

Discussion items (6.30pm)

  1. Organisational Membership
  2. Working in Wales and Scotland
  3. Plans for senior staff cover in 2018
  4. Attendance at WMCON and Wikimania 2018

Board In Camera discussion (7.05pm)

Board Committee and Financial Reports (7.20pm)

  1. GovCom report
  2. ARC Report
  3. Q3 Financial Management Report
  4. QFMR Commentary
  5. Draft budget for 2018/19
  6. Major Risks Register

AOB (7.50pm)

Close (8pm)