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Agenda for Executive meeting by Skype.

Attendees[edit | edit source]


  • Roger Bamkin (Chair)
  • Mike Peel
  • Andrew Turvey
  • Jon Davies
  • Richard (Minutes)
  • Martin Poulter
  • Any other WMUK member that wishes to attend is welcome - please contact the chair or another board member.

Agenda[edit | edit source]

Meeting expected to start at 7:30pm.

  1. RB - Apologies & Board Agenda (5 mins)
  2. Finance status report - AT
    1. Outstanding international transfers
  3. JD - Chief Executive Report (40 mins)
  4. Proposed 2012-13 Budget authorising individuals (JD/AT?)
  5. Preparation for the next Board meeting:
    1. Approval of policies:
      1. Finance Policy
      2. Staff Handbook - status & process
      3. Volunteers Policy
      4. Trustee Code of Conduct
      5. Participation
      6. Any others?
    2. Board interest day
      1. Proposed Agenda
      2. Treatment of CVs received
  6. New staff
  7. Edu Wiki conference
  8. AOB
    1. Mandate for the Finance meeting - (CK request)
    2. EduWiki - when? re MLP's email
    3. PQASSO - Proposed contract - see Fae's email
  9. Next Meeting AND ...
    1. 11/12 Feb Board Meeting at our Offices - Board Interest Day - Agenda?
    2. Proposed to hold next exec meeting in Leicester at Space Centre if available to us.
    3. Meeting to end by 10:30pm (9:30pm ideally)

Chief Exec report[edit | edit source]

See weekly reports on office, including:

SOPA and the media

We had very little notice and the ferocity of the press interest took up a little by surprise. I called round the broadhseets on the TUesay afternoon and got our message over as well as possible and on Wednesday was lucky that David G and Roger were avilable most of the day with Martin and Steve in the afternoon and Mike as back-up.

Lessons? Communicate better with the readers and community. We need a fast news service on our pages and blogs. This is something for our comms person to look at.

NB, summary of coverage is at Reports/2012/January#SOPA. Mike Peel 19:14, 24 January 2012 (UTC)

On hold while Roger and Terence walk the red carpets.


Good interview day with Fae and Mike being super. We found a candidate we could all support.

The Comms post attracting a lot of interest. Fae and Marek69 for the panel.


Almost finished with the protocols - already using them which is good. The budget is also agreed by deadline last Friday.

Bank account being organised but getting signatures a drag.

Richard on brink of accountancy package being sorted.


Planning for next year. I have circulated a gdoc called Detail for 2012 where board members can add their ambitions, ownership of projects etc. This is urgent so I can get good planning going.

Fundraising debate

Would welcome feedback on WMDE paper. We need to know if we can support them.