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Activities to report

Campus Ambassadors

In light of opportunity of a US-trained Campus Ambassador being at Oxford next year, I alerted senior figures I know at UWE (University of Western England) Paul Gough & Dee Smart + Vice Chancellor at University of Bristol Guy Orpen - to sound out interest at an official level

Jimmy Wales Visit to Bristol (Jan 13 2011)

1) Have agreement in principle from Jimmy Wales for a talk 'in the morning' - am trying to see if this can be moved back slightly to 11.30 -1pm. Action - waiting for JW agreement 2) Sponsors - HP Labs will cover costs of the event - they DO NOT want overt sponsorship, just happy to be involved by association 3) Marketing/PR - Bristol Festival of Ideas are 100% behind this event & can offer booking facilities (no ticket charge - just place reservation); marketing & PR to the thousands already on their mailing lists and support to promote it across town 4) Costs - Festival of Ideas would like £200 to support the costs above 5) Bristol University - will aid with the promotion of the event - but they always work in tandem with the Festival of Ideas 6) Venue - (we have 2 and cost will be met by HP Labs) - Victoria Rooms & Watershed - we are awaiting confirmation that the Victoria Rooms is free during the day (hopefully by Board meeting I'll know) in which case it is Victoria Rooms - Watershed is 'reserved' as a fall back 7) BBC have approached SV and are keen to get involved in the promotion - more discussion needed to ascertain what is possible 8) Logistics - requested a contact in JW's office to work with to ensure arrival times/hotels/onwards trains are all prepared before the event so that JW's onward journey to London for the evening event at 6.30pm runs smoothly

Talk at Ignite Bristol 3=

1) Takes place on 31st October & will be available online after the event - powerpoint sent round to Board Thursday before 2) Tickets all sold as of Saturday 30/10 - seat 250 - announce teaser of event above + full announcement about GLAM Wiki

Electoral Commission 'edit parties'

1) Spoken to Commission & suggested the idea 2) Am awaiting response from Commission as to suitability & interest from senior management

Pro Bono PR Services (Julio Romo) is interested in supporting Board across the winter months - have briefed him on the activities we intend - he plans to provide me with a note offering his services

Bristol & The Word 2012

Had intial conversation with Andrew Kelly of the Festival of Ideas and raised points mentioned by Board. This is still an idea at an early stage but the Festival of Ideas intends to get fully behind it and is seeking Lottery Commission funding in 2011 to help it appoint Writers In Residence. As these plans evolve I'll learn more - but working in tandem with FoI on Jimmy event should help this happen

Somali Project

Hamstrung only by no one on the Somali side pressing the 'go' button - will seek to get this going


Yet another approach to Wikimedia (how many is that now?) - I will explore - it seems like a content sharing exercise again but the outcome remains to be seen

Talk to PR class at Gloucestershire Univ Cheltenham

Booked a talk for mid-November one Monday afternoon (15 Nov)


Bristol Evening Post are interested in collaborating to publicise any visit to Bristol by Jimmy Wales and are discussing the suggestion that we pay little more than a nominal fee for a page in advance of the 10th Birthday & they get to say something like Happy Birthday Wikipedia on it as well as whatever we wish to say

London Evening Standard prices 'are what they are' and nothing will change them due to the ridiculously enormous circulation they have

Manchester Evening News are very receptive to a Bristol style deal but I am waiting for them to send me the initial illustrative quotes still (they've called & said they are having email trouble!!)

Outstanding actions

  • SV to confirm Wikimedia UK Annual Conference 2011 / AGM room booking details and to seek sponsorship for the event (in progress) - BOOKING MADE HAVE RECEIPT IN MAIL BOX
  • SV to continue meetings with the Somali groups (in progress met 09/10 with Amana)
  • MP, SV, CM to draft press releases for fundraiser launch and milestones - SENT VERSION BACK TO EVERYONE IN RESPONSE TO CHARLES' 1st DRAFT ON DISCUSSION PAGE OF THIS REPORT
  • SV and CM to draft letter to FTSE 100 companies asking for donations
  • SV to look into the cost of newspaper advertising in Bristol for fundraiser - IN PROGRESS (Bristol Evening Post encouraging, London Evening Stan expensive, waiting for Manchester Evening News details to be mailed to be
  • SV to send media tracking access information to CM (done)
  • SV to investigate costs of advertising in local papers.(SAME POINT AS ABOVE)
  • AT and SV to contact CIPR contacts to ask for their views/experiences with soliciting donations via newspaper adverts. (SPOKE TO JULIO ROMO - IS VERY INTERESTED IN OFFERING PRO BONO PR Support