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The John Rylands Library
ID cards, an agenda item

Agenda for Executive meeting in person in the Seminar Room at The John Rylands Library in Manchester. (Courtesy of Simon Bains - Deputy Librarian)

The nearest NCP car parks are on Watson Street, New Quay Street and Blackfriars Street.

Minutes are being taken at



  • Roger Bamkin (Chair)
  • Mike Peel
  • Andrew Turvey
  • Jon Davies
  • Richard Symonds (Minutes)
  • By phone - Fæ, Chris (for 2pm onwards)
  • Any other WMUK member that wishes to attend is welcome - please contact the chair or another board member.


Seminar room

Meeting expected to start at 10:30am in Manchester at John Rylands, there are two exceptional items. Chris has suggested that we have a link call regarding the outcome of Chris and Mike's meeting in Paris. It is proposed to hold this by phone at 2 p.m. QRpedia is also worth debate and RB intends to absent himself for COI reasons. Andrew and Roger have to leave at 4. A tour of the library may be available.

  1. RB - Apologies
  2. JD - Chief Executive Report, including:
    1. Comms manager hire
    2. Induction process for Events Organiser and Comms Manager
    3. 5-year plan
  3. Contract positions / plans for future employees
    1. Developer - sysadmin
    2. Fundraiser
  4. A.G.M. - JD/MP
  5. Annual Report - All
  6. Finance meeting - MP/CK (2pm)
  7. Chapters Council
  8. Identity cards - options - JD/MP
  9. QRPedia - JD
  10. Chapter-selected WMF board seats
  11. Plans for the next in-person meeting - April 21-22 in Monmouth - RB
  12. AOB
    1. Server and backup strategy (MP)
    2. Shared calendar system (MP)