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Agenda for Board meeting on 5 October 2010, 7:30-10:30pm

  • A: Minutes and Reports
A1: AT - Apologies for absence (7:30)
A2: MP - Approval of Minutes 11Sep10 (7:31)
A3: MP - Review email decisions (7:35)
Appoint Charles Matthews as Office Manager
Appoint Virtual Business Source
Send letter of advice re 2009 Fundraising Agreement to WMF
A4: Actions and reports (7:40)
A41. AT - Chair (Andrew Turvey) (including Office Manager) (7:40)
A42. MP - Secretary (Mike Peel) (7:55)
A43. TD - Treasurer (Thomas Dalton) (8:05)
A44. SV - Steve (8:15)
A45. JS - Seddon (8:20)

BREAK 8:30-8:40

  • B: Decisions needed
B1. AT - Fundraiser update (8:40)
B11 Direct debits
B12 Website
B13 Agreement
B2. MP/TD - Microgrants update (9:20)
  • C: AOB (9:35)