Agenda 5Oct10/Secretary's Report

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Activities to report[edit | edit source]

Wiki reorganisation
  • Have set up the office wiki, and moved glamplan over to a new internal wiki.
  • Have also upgraded all of the wikis so that they use the latest version of MediaWiki (including switching to the Vector skin as default) and have common extensions.
  • Am currently in the process of moving content over from the board wiki onto the office wiki.
Phone calls
  • Responded to an enquiry about using a Wikipedia article in a TV show; redirected to the WMF.
  • Phone gets a lot of 'noise' - random phone calls that are not press related and are not useful to us (e.g. enquiries from people wanting to buy projector bulbs). Any suggestions on how to minimize these?
  • Have been talking by email with Open Plaques about how we could potentially work together. Ideas/suggestions welcome.
  • Liam has announced this and opened registration; see the blog post.
  • We need to book youth hostel rooms, sign contract with caterers and pay liam for first part of contract. Also need square event logo.
To do
  • File expense claim for travel to Birmingham for CM's interview
  • Work through email backlog...
  • Contact people to talk at Cancer Research UK

Outstanding actions[edit | edit source]

  • MP to relocate the role descriptions to a more suitable location once all are finalized.
  • MP to change facebook group into a page; change Twitter approach to being more bidirectional; open an account on (mirrored from Twitter). Symbol wait.svg Doing... (page on facebook)
  • MP to send around a 'save the date' email to members about the Wikimedia UK Annual Conference.Yes check.svg Done
  • MP to move confidential GLAM-WIKI material onto the board wiki.Yes check.svg Done
  • MP to send SV a link to CC-BY-SA attribution in place on Wikipedia.