Agenda 5Oct10/Treasurer's Report

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Activities to report[edit | edit source]

I probably won't be at the meeting (due to not having an internet connection), so I'll try and make this report more complete than usual.

I have had very limited time to work on WMUK things since the in-person board meeting due to starting a new job. I have also lacked an internet connection at my new flat, which has reduced my ability to do WMUK work even when I have had the time. My apologies for that.

What I have done has mostly been related to sorting out the bank account, which I have sent several emails updating you on. In summary, I now have access to the online banking, although I haven't tested it due to lack of a secure internet connection to do so on. The missing bank statement is now en route. Also en route is further details about direct debits. I will report further once I receive that. I am awaiting word from Andrew on whether our accountants can act as a BACS bureau for us and, if so, what that would cost. Once I get that information and have received the information from the bank, I will make a recommendation to the board on how to proceed.

I have been liasing with Andrew regarding our end-of-year accounts. I am awaiting clarification on what our accountants require from me. We are now significantly late in filing out accounts (there is no point apportioning blame for that, it's due to minor failings by several people, including myself, that have multiplied together to make a major failing), so this needs to be a priority for both Andrew and me.

I have given the current state of affairs for my various pending actions below. I have marked three of them for discussion (most likely in my absence). The first two are quick things that don't really require discussion, just a quick decision. The final one is more important and should be properly discussed. I have made a recommendation, but the board should not just rubberstamp it.

Outstanding actions[edit | edit source]

  • TD to contact Pavel to ask for a report on how our money was spent; what the overall cost breakdown for the event was; and what plans exist at the moment for the next chapters meeting. Yes check.svg Done a/w response - Pavel assured me at Wikimania that he would reply ages ago. I'll chase him up again. - I haven't gotten around to chasing him up. It is still on my todo list.
  • AT and TD prepare a report for the WMF chapters grant, for email approval, and to approach the Foundation to extend the grant. - In progress. The numbers are pretty much done, we just have to sort out the words.
  • TD to send around renewal notices when he has access to the bank account. - On hold, pending conclusion on direct debits
  • TD to outline principles involved in participating in the next Fundraiser - Is this done? If not, please clarify. Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • AT and TD to revisit the annual report, updating actions and setting things going to produce this. - Stalled. If somebody else can takeover this, it would be good. Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • TD to provide a complete set of updated accounts for discussion at the next meeting. I don't have time for this, sorry. Summary: If we continue at the current rate, we will underspend on our 2010 budget by a considerable margin. The board should decide if it is happy to just carry over a large amount of money to the 2011 budget or if something should be done to increase spending this year. A key factor in this decision is whether we expect things to improve next year. We would be negligent in our duties as trustees if we allowed such an underspend to just happen by default, especially on a continuing basis. My recommendation is that we accept this underspend as not being a serious issue on the grounds that it occurred primarily due to board members having limited time and that we have already taken steps to resolve this (by hiring Charles and planning to hire further members of staff). Part of the underspend has been due to delays by our partner organisations. We should discuss whether we expect such delays to be a one-off occurance or whether allowance for such delays should be made in future budgets and, if so, what the nature of that allowance should be. Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • TD to communicate with new member(s) Ongoing. This doesn't really need to be an action, it's just part of my job. (A part that I'm actually slightly behind on, but it's near the top of my todo list. I'll catch up and then work on handing this over to Charles.)