Agenda 7Dec10/Secretary's Report

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Activities to report[edit | edit source]

Phone calls
  • A number of random calls. One from a donor requesting a refund (passed on to CM and TD).
  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss - the phone is now seeing more general use than press use, and its use as a press phone is being succeeded by Gemma. Suggest it might be better for CM to hold the phone and forward enquiries as appropriate to individual board members.
  • Event was successful. Over 100 participants. Sessions went well, as did location/catering. Things that could have been better: attendance, administration (e.g. process for dealing with registration fees paid in cash).
  • Details of expenditures (still being finalised) are on the internal wiki.
  • First part of Liam's contract has now been paid. Second part will be due soon. A number of other invoices need to be paid (location, catering, presenter gifts) plus other expenses (MP, AT, JS, LW).
Random other things
  • Invoice for in-person board meeting room needs to be paid (Tom's doing this already).
  • Fundraising statistics - can these be made public? Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss (Don't need to discuss this, as it's been discussed by email)
  • SSL certificate for fundraising pages e.g. [1] - best way forward with this? Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
Tasks to do
  • GLAM-WIKI section for newsletter
  • Arrange date for talk at Cancer Research UK
  • Work through email backlog...

Outstanding actions[edit | edit source]

  • MP to relocate the role descriptions to a more suitable location once all are finalized. X mark.svg Cancelled?
  • MP to change facebook group into a page; change Twitter approach to being more bidirectional; open an account on (mirrored from Twitter). Yes check.svg Done (ongoing changes to be made, but no longer within this action)
  • MP to send SV a link to CC-BY-SA attribution in place on Wikipedia. Yes check.svg Done
  • MP to follow up with TD about the new fundraising website and the timeline for making the modifications. Yes check.svg Done/X mark.svg Cancelled
  • MP, SV, CM to draft press releases for fundraiser launch and milestones Yes check.svg Done/ongoing (via Gemma/Charles)
  • MP to explore a tool/bot to distribute newsletters on-wiki via user pages Yes check.svg Done Rock Drum has suggested using the global message delivery bot Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • MP, AT, TD to (facilitate) work on the 2011 budget / wishlist (also anyone else that wants to get involved). Symbol wait.svg Doing... - ongoing rather than an action now.