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Activities to report[edit | edit source]

Jimmy Wales Day – working document outline

8.17am Arrives Bristol Temple Meads Station (picked up by me) 8.35-8.40 – Arrives Bristol Cathedral – to talk to an assembly of Bristol Cathedral School at 9am for 15 mins 9.20am – In Watershed Bristol (bar/cinema/media complex) – meets newly formed Bristol WikiMeet group – based around crowd working on Wikipedia as the Bristol Project 9.20- 9.45am – Coffee, tea, biscuits with Wikipedia/wikimedia volunteers 9.45am – 11.00am – SV wheels in groups/partners/press (to be arranged - ARKIVE/Wildscreen & Somali Project + press + A.N.Other) 11.15am – arrive at venue Jimmy wales sound check 12- 1pm Talk 2pm – Jimmy et al catch train at Bristol Temple Meads back to London for evening event Booked

Observer Interview for 9th January – questions being sent to me from Robin McKee – I will send on to Jimmy & PA for a reply – these due next week – article to go in Observer supplement for 9th January – can kick start press for that week – will cover: 10th Birthday, why Bristol, annual fund raiser

Other Press Aims I have organised a local ‘expert’ to record the Jimmy Wales assembly & want to find 10-20 local bloggers who can take the footage & tweet it across the web to media hubs Point of this – to create a buzz in advance of the talk

Purpose – I am trying to secure live transmission of Jimmy’s speech paid for by Bristol City Council – if I get it, we can then build a bigger audience through this route The Cathedral event would be ‘footage/video’ only

The Event BBC office in Bristol is vulnerable to the new austerity regime. They have a project set up to secure this office for the City in partnership with the city council called Bristol Anchor Project. The Anchor Project has agreed to film the Jimmy talk for free and to hand the discs over to all the partners involved to use as they wish for free It is likely that the same contacts at BBC will mean journalists from the BBC may well attend both the Cathedral & the talk

Opportunities We cannot blow the Observer ‘scoop’ as this is an integral part of the event – it has been organised by the Bristol Festival of Ideas (a sponsor) who are doing all of our marketing for free. I’d still like more coverage as this is such a great opportunity.

My thoughts Gemma/University of Bristol draft a joint press release announcing the event with University of Bristol, hailing its purpose & hailing the sell out in a matter of just a few days + promoting the 10th Birthday

Suggest 2-3 journalists interview Jimmy - sending questions him replying prior to the event [[Steve virgin 20:02, 7 December 2010 (UTC)]] 19:57, 7 December 2010 (UTC)

Outstanding actions[edit | edit source]

  • SV and CM to draft letter to FTSE 100 companies asking for donations