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Bounty Hunter[edit | edit source]

dead or alive, you're coming with me

You came in search of paradise ...

The idea[edit | edit source]

We ask members or non-members to suggest ideas that they would "pay good money for"

WE then write down the ideas and offer good money for them. WE have a fixed budget so we only offer money for the first 20,000 pounds worth of ideas. Open to everyone in any country, if it doesn't work we don't loose any money.

Ideas[edit | edit source]

The kind of ideas we are thinking of:

  1. First person to write a program that loads 10,000 photos into commons in X minutes rejecting those that have a) no copyright b) no description c) no license
  2. A Wikipedia page view tool (like for multiple pages, e.g whole category or a list of pages that have been pasted in, very useful data to have partner organisations and case studies.
  3. Adding functionality to openstreetmap so that objects can have links to Wikipedia articles that when you click on it shows you the Wikipedia page.
  4. Better integration of openstreetmap on Wikipedia pages, e.g rivers not being a single point but importing coordinates and vectors from OSM.
  5. Support for 3d models on Wikipedia.