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Title: Developing the Basque Wikipedia: From corpus expansion to outreach

Lecture Theatre 2 - University of Edinburgh Business School.

Date: 6 July 2017

Time: 11:20am to 11:40am

Duration: 15 minutes (5 mins Q&A)

Venue: University of Edinburgh Business School - Lecture Theatre 2.


  • Iñaki Lopez de Luzuriaga, Basque Wikimedians User Group

Overview of topic:
2016 was a critical year for the Basque Wikipedia, a project surging in 2007 that reached an activity peak last year by establishing the Basque Wikimedians User Group, benefiting from its synergies with Donostia-San Sebastián Capital of Culture 2016. As a minority language community, the project has faced the insecurities and hurdles inherent to a small community with a lesser status and pending corpus related issues, but determined all the same to live up to the challenges posed by an ever mutating reality. Individual editing has given way to a concerted effort aiming to expand Basque Wikipedia beyond online contribution into GLAM and Education outreach, as well as interaction with local communities, so becoming a referential player in today’s Basque cultural scene. In 2017, the Basque User Group sets off towards new horizons related to upcoming Education outreach programs that challenge its own internal structure.


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