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This is the draft role description / person spec for our next Chief Executive. Comments & suggestions from the community are welcome until 25 January 2015, after which this document will be finalised and we will start to advertise.

The changes to the job description compared to the last time the post was advertised reflect the development of the organisation and its environment. We are also focusing the person specification more around competencies that someone will need to succeed in the job, and as a result have less "essential experience".

Role Description

Strategic leadership

  • Work with the Wikimedia UK Board, members, volunteers and the Wikimedia community to develop from our current strategic goals a medium-term vision for the development of the charity, and create business plans and annual budgets to make this vision a reality
  • Actively develop strategically important relationships (e.g. with the Wikimedia Foundation, partner organisations and major funding bodies)
  • Work in line with our values to create a positive culture within Wikimedia UK where volunteers and staff are empowered, engaged and appreciated

Financial management and fundraising

  • Take responsibility for the financial health of the charity, including presenting annual budgets, quarterly forecasts and management accounts to the Board
  • Continue the improvement of Wikimedia UK's financial policies and procedures incorporating changes in best practice where necessary
  • Ensure adequate funding for the charity's goals in the medium term: producing bids to the Wikimedia Foundation's Annual Plan Grants scheme and putting forward the charity's perspective on the future of Wikimedia movement funding, and ensuring the delivery of a medium-term fundraising strategy to diversify and increase our income
  • Identify and mitigate financial and operational risks facing the charity as they arise

Staff management

  • Provide management and leadership to the Wikimedia UK staff team, including defining staffing levels, roles and structures on an ongoing basis
  • Ensure all staff have adequate and up-to-date job descriptions, that personal development objectives are set and are monitored through a system of appraisals, and that staff benefit from appropriate training and support.
  • Ensure Wikimedia UK complies with all legal requirements as an employer and that we go beyond them to incorporate best practices in staff management
  • Manage all personnel issues including recruitment, payroll, training, absence, disciplinary and grievance processes

Developing and managing our programme

  • Oversee the development of Wikimedia UK's programme work, in particular increasing the number and participation of our volunteers
  • Ensuring Wikimedia UK retains the ability to support volunteers' self-directed initiatives in pursuit of our mission
  • Ensure appropriate metrics, review and reporting systems to demonstrate and increase the impact and value for money of our programme activity
  • Ensure appropriate consultation and engagement with volunteers and the Wikimedia community in the development of the charity's work
  • Position the Charity to develop technology in support of its aims


  • Ensure positive & accurate representation of Wikimedia UK in the media, and that the charity makes appropriate use of communications and marketing techniques to further our charitable aims.
  • Ensure the charity communicates openly and transparently with its volunteer community, in line with its values
  • Identify and mitigate reputational risks, ensuring the charity is an effective steward of the reputation of the Wikimedia movement

Governance & Compliance

  • Ensure on behalf of the Board that the Charity acts at all times in compliance with its governing documents, all relevant legislation, regulatory codes and partnership agreements (particularly those with the Wikimedia Foundation)
  • Support the continuing development of the Charity's board and governance
  • Attend all meetings of the Board, Governance Committee and Audit & Risk Committee and ensure high-quality reports are provided to them on a timely basis

Person Specification

Attitudes and Behaviours

  1. Curiosity and inclination towards learning. Shows active learning and development throughout life, including but not limited to the professional sphere. Shows excitement about the charity's mission and can relate it to personal experiences.
  2. A high level of adaptability and resilience. Able to give effective strategic direction in an evolving environment. Can manage staff and projects effectively outside of any pre-existing areas of professional expertise. Shows personal determination and ability to deal with significant setbacks.
  3. Builds strong relationships. Naturally builds relationships with individuals at all levels and with organisations, offering support and working collaboratively. Sustains relationships through periods of change and uncertainty. Understands and builds upon the commitment and motivations of others, including staff and volunteers. Communicates diplomatically, frankly and transparently.
  4. Personal awareness, accountability and integrity. Understands own impact, and aware of personal style, strengths and weaknesses. Reflects on own performance, identifiying areas for personal development and improving them. Takes ownership of issues and situations crucial to the organisation; able to take decisions and stand by them for the good of the charity.

Knowledge, skills and experience

  1. Experience of a senior management position, with responsibility for the strategic development of an organisation of equivalent size, or a significant area of work within a larger organisation
  2. Experience of managing a budget of at least a similar size to that of this organisation, including the ability to formulate budgets and to identify variances, forecast outturns and advise on remedial action where required
  3. Experience of managing and developing a staff team of at least a similar size to this post
  1. Experience of charitable and corporate governance gained from a senior executive position or trustee role in a not-for-profit organisation
  2. Experience of developing additional income for a charity
  3. In-depth knowledge of the cultural and / or educational sectors in the UK
  4. A strong understanding of technology and technology project management.
  5. Personal experience of making a significant volunteer commitment and/or working in an organisation with a strong culture of volunteering
  6. Personal experience of participating on Wikimedia projects or otherwise within the open-source/open-knowledge sphere or open knowledge movements