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  • Tom Morris (Chair)
  • Rock drum
  • Katie Chan
  • Ed Saperia for great justice
  • Daria Cybulska - only till 12pm
  • Joe Seddon
  • Harry Mitchell


  • Mike Peel
  • Leutha
  • Tom Morton


  • James Knight

Update on 2014 London Wikimania bid

  • Ed Saperia and James Knight had a meeting with London First. They wanted to help us.
  • Plans are to take the 2013 bid and change it around for 2014.

Community consultation

  • We could put up a geonotice asking for community participation
  • Wikimediauk-l
  • Event outreach: Manchester (Mike Peel etc. - ask)

Wikimania 2012

Who is attending from the UK?

  • Tom Morris (scholarship)
  • Rock drum
  • Harry Mitchell (scholarship)
  • Fiona Apps (scholarship)
  • Andy Mabbett (scholarship)
  • Martin Poulter (scholarship)
  • Rich Farmborough - tbc. Waiting for him to confirm (Daria)
  • John Cummings
  • Jon Davies
  • Richard Symonds
  • Various board members - Fae tbc, Mike Peel, Joscelyn, Doug, John Byrne (as scholarship)

EdSaperia unable to go due to work commitments - would like to prepare something for Wikimania 2012 regardless with someone who is going to present.

WikiConference UK 2013

  • Two-day event is broadly accepted
  • Location suggestions
    • Nottingham
    • Birmingham
    • Manchester (been a host before)
    • Scotland (Edinburgh?)
  • Dates suggestions - May could work well?
    • Board want June so the accounts can be ready (then July in 2014)
  • Do the conference with a similar organisation (eg. OSM, ORG)
  • ACTION: Joe Seddon to create/find a list of UK open source groups
  • ACTION: Daria to check with board about setting the UK conference date/AGM date


  • 14-15 (and 16) September, British Library
  • Organisation meeting Friday 22 June 2-5pm WMUK office (/Skype/mumble - tbc). All welcome
  • Daria is creating a booking form to be ready within the next few days
  • To Do: visas, and how the committee can assist attendees in getting into the UK to attend the conference.
  • To Do: organising tourism opportunities/social events, methods of getting remote volunteer help, AV/live webcasting, translation/transcription of talks, registration systems, and finding accommodation for attendees. (quoting Harry)
  • Help with accommodation - there is nothing booked for now
    • Block book HI hostel?
  • ACTION: Geonotice for GLAM-WIKI organisation meeting

EDU-WIKI Wed 5 - Thurs 6 September, Leicester (Stamford Hall)

  • Martin sent a long email on 15 June with potential things to get involved in
  • Daria hopefully meeting Martin on 19 June to see what exactly needs to be done - will feedback to the committee



  • ACTION: Someone to touch base with Lewis Cawte and find out more about the planned London hackathon.
  • ACTION: Tom Morris to pester Lewis to send something useful to various people at Google, Mozilla etc. (Daria: I have some events booked for Mozilla Spaces in London, so can ask if they have space for one more - let me know)
  • ACTION: Seddon to create Hackathon event page (already exists ) - Tied in with Tom Pestering


  • ACTION: Seddon - make this happen
  • GLAM-Wiki volunteer meeting - 17th-22nd June
  • Wikimania 2014 - 23rd June-1st July
  • UK WikiConference - 2nd July-22nd July

London 2014 road map

  • ACTION: Seddon to hack away at events page, create a conference page, make it easier for people to volunteer etc etc etc

Wikipedia Takes Coventry (?)

  • Let Daria know if you need help with prizes - a calendar with photos from the competition is a possibility

Next committee meeting

  • to be discussed on mailing list with Moodle