Conference Committee/Planning meeting 4/Minutes

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29 July 2012, 2pm - Mumble meeting Attendees:

  • EdSaperia
  • James Knight
  • Kevin McLaughlin
  • Katie Chan
  • Tom Morris


  • Mike Peel
  • HJM


  • AOB
  • Wikipedia Takes Coventry - RD
  • Change this to the "Conference and major events committee"?
  • Need a geonotice for the event
  • Need someone to help with talk page invites


Absent Chair

  • Where is Seddon? Do we need a new chair? :(

Review of Feedback for Wikimania

  • Unconferences were badly managed
  • Make conference longer? 4 days instead of 3
  • "noisy bar" not an ideal party environment for Wikipedians.

Recruiting for bid team

  • Recruiting slow
  • Old Team reformed - can get by, but would be nice to have more
  • Lack of Volunteers in London, but London proximity agreed to be fairly essential
  • KTC Volunteers to be treasurer, ACTION: ES to discuss with her
  • Contact James Hare about recruiting strategies

WMUK Budget

  • Wikimania 2012 given $400,000 from WMF
  • ACTION: Tom Morris to Contact Harej (James Hare) re WMF Budget timings/Bid support
  • Headcount will be main bid cost - one of
  • Israel/DC comparison with possible emulation re: local chapter support
    • ACTION: ES to contact Jon Davies about his suggestion
  • Actual expenses pre 2013 printing/graphic design, discuss with WMUK

Wikpedia takes Coventry

  • delayed to next meeting as nobody with any comments

Next Meeting

26th August 2012 1400hrs GMT